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Scientific Foundation “NANSEN INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL AND REMOTE SENSING CENTRE” is a non-profit organization established on the ground of the Founders’ General Meeting to carry out scientific activity and realize the goals specified by the present Charter.
The Foundation is established and operates in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Federal Non-profit Organizations Law, other legislation and the Charter.

The full title of the Foundation:
The shortened name of the Foundation: FOUNDATION “NANSEN-CENTRE”.
The Foundation’s abbreviated name in Latin transcription is NIERSC.

The goals of the Foundation’s activity are:

  • carrying out of fundamental and applied scientific researches of environment and  investigation of global climate changes, including researches in high northern latitudes using methods of remote sensing, numerical simulation and field observations, with respect to social and economic aspects;

  • activity in the sphere of hydrometeorology and adjacent fields, including:

- determination of meteorological, climatological, hydrological and oceanological characteristics of environment;
- determination of the level of environmental pollution (surface water and marine environment) as related to samples collection;
- preparation and delivery to the customers of analytic and calculation information on environmental condition, water surface and marine environment pollution, including hydrobiological aspects;
- formation and maintenance of data bases in the sphere of hydrometeorology and adjacent fields.

  • assisting specialists and post graduate students in organization and holding of professional training in the sphere of environmental research and global climate changes, including ecological and remote sensing issues on Russian and foreign scientific centres;

  • scientific activity in the mentioned spheres  in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Charter.

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