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The main objective of the Nansen Fellowship Program (NFP) at NIERSC is to support PhD-students at Russian educational and research institutions, including Russian State Hydrometeorological University, St. Petersburg State University, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, and others. The research areas are climate and environmental change and satellite remote sensing, including integrated use of satellite Earth observation techniques in combination with supporting in situ observations and numerical modeling for studies of the Earth system.
NFP provides the PhD-students with:
• Russian and international scientific supervision
• financial fellowship
• efficient working conditions at NIERSC
• training and research visits to international research institutions within the Nansen Group and beyond
• involvement into international research projects.
The postgraduate student activity is supervised by at least one Russian and one international senior scientist. All NFP PhD-students have to publish their scientific results in the international refereed journals and make presentations at the international scientific symposia and conferences.
23 young Russian PhD-students have since 1997 got their doctoral degree under the NFP.
NFP is sponsored by core funding from the Nansen Center in Bergen, Norway (NERSC) and the Nansen Scientific Society.
In 2011-2012, three NFP participants defended their PhD theses:
• Alexander Smirnov. Defended at the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute on 14 April 2011. Title of PhD thesis: Evolution of the ocean upper layer in the North-European basin. Supervisors: Ola M. Johannessen, A. Korablev, G. Alekseev
• Sergey Semakin. Defended at the St. Petersburg State University on 20 June 2011. Title of PhD thesis: Satellite retrieval of stratospheric aerosol parameters from measurements of scattered solar radiation at the Earth horizon. Supervisors: Yury Timofeev and Hartmut Grassl
• Ivan Sudakov. Defended at the Novgorod State University on 26 January 2012. Title of PhD thesis: Mathematical modelling of cryolithozone–atmosphere interaction. Supervisors: Tamara Sukacheva, Sergey Vakulenko, Leonid Bobylev, Gennady Menzhulin.

The 24th graduate PhD student becomes Eugeny Morozov defended his dissertation on 6 June 2013. Title of PhD thesis: Algorithms for determination of chlorophyll a and total suspended matter concentrations and identification of microalgae Lepidodinium chlorophorum and Emiliania huxleyi from satellite data in the Bay of Biscay. Supervisors: Prof. Dmitry Pozdnyakov and Prof. Vitaly Sychev.

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