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Development of methods for analysis of satellite images for the description and monitoring of natural processes in the Arctic

Scientific analysis of satellite images and observations

Modelling of the natural processes and the assessment of recent climate change

Studies of sea ice and hydrophysical processes in the ocean

Applied oceanography and hydrometeorology: Environmental Monitoring System in ice-covered seas - ice, navigation support, ecosystems, oceanographic fields, polar cyclones, anthropogenic pollution

Assessment and real-time monitoring of primary production and harmful algae blooms in lakes, seas and ocean, sediment distribution

Data acquisition, validation of simulation results

Dissemination of scientific knowledge, education and support for young scientists


Validation of the model simulations of ice drift fields

Assess the ecological status of water areas (fields of algae biomass)

Variability of ice drift fields

Sea ice automatic classification using SAR data

Changes in ice cover extent

Calculation of ice drift fields using satellite data

Detection and monitoring of icebergs, projection and iceberg drift modelling

Нансеновская программа подержки аспирантов

Monitoring of polar cyclones

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