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Dmitry V. Kovalevsky


Dmitry V. Kovalevsky

Research Director  / Head of the Socioeconomic Impact of Climate Change Group
Educational background:

  • St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Physics, Department of Statistical Physics (1998)

  • St. Petersburg University of Engineering and Economics, Faculty of Regional Economics and Management, Department of Public and Municipal Self-Government (2001)

Scientific Degree: PhD in Oceanography [Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences], Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia (2002)

Research interests:

  • Economics of climate change, economic modeling (incl. Integrated Assessment modeling), economic growth theory, microeconomics, regional economics

  • Oceanography, ocean dynamics, deep convection

: The major research area of Dmitry V. Kovalevsky (DVK) is economic modeling and its applications to economics of climate change, economic growth theory, and microeconomics. DVK is developing Integrated Assessment models of coupled climate–socioeconomic system, including MADIAMS (the Multi-Actor Dynamic Integrated Assessment Model System) and SDEM (the Structural Dynamic Economic Model) – in cooperation with Prof. Klaus Hasselmann (Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany; Global Climate Forum).
One of the versions of model MADIAMS can be freely downloaded from MADIAMS home page at the website of Global Climate Forum of which NIERSC is an Institutional Member.

Currently DVK is a participant of two international research projects funded by EU FP7:

• Project No. 308601 “Knowledge Based Climate Mitigation Systems for a Low Carbon Economy” (COMPLEX) (2012-2016);

• Project No. 295068 “European-Russian Centre for cooperation in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic environmental and climate research” (EuRuCAS) (2012-2015).

DVK is also a Project Leader/participant of a number of on-going and completed research projects in the area of socioeconomics supported by various agencies and institutions (Russian Foundation for Basic Research; Russian Federal Programme “The World Ocean”; St. Petersburg City Administration; the Economics Education and Research Consortium; Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (Bergen, Norway); Nansen Scientific Society (Bergen, Norway); Max-Planck Institute for Meteorology (Hamburg, Germany); Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Potsdam, Germany); Global Climate Forum [formerly European Climate Forum] and others; private donations of Klaus Hasselmann).

DVK defended his Ph.D. Thesis in oceanography in the framework of Nansen Fellowship Program in 2002.

DVK is also a part-time Senior Scientist at St. Petersburg State University (currently – at the Faculty of Physics, Department of Theoretical Physics).          tel. +7(812)3245103

                                                                                            Selected publications


Kovalevsky D.V., Hasselmann K. A hierarchy of out-of-equilibrium actor-based system-dynamic nonlinear economic models // Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity. – 2014. – Vol. 3, Iss. 3. – P. 303-318

Kovalevsky D.V. Balanced growth in the Structural Dynamic Economic Model SDEM-2 // Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity. – 2014. – Vol. 3, Iss. 3. – P. 237-253

Kovalevsky D.V., Hasselmann K. Assessing the transition to a low-carbon economy using actor-based system-dynamic models // Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs), San Diego, California, USA, 15-19 June 2014. – Vol. 4. – P. 1865-1872. URL:

Kovalevsky D.V., Hasselmann K. Modelling the impacts of a national carbon tax in a country with inhomogeneous regional development: an actor-based system-dynamic approach // Paper presented at ERSA 54th Congress “Regional Development & Globalisation: Best Practices”, St. Petersburg, Russia, 26-29 August 2014

Hasselmann K., Kovalevsky D.V. Simulating animal spirits in actor-based environmental models // Environmental Modelling and Software. – 2013. – Vol. 44, p. 10-24. DOI:10.1016/j.envsoft.2012.04.007

Wolf S., Bouchaud J.-P., Cecconi F., Cincotti S., Dawid H., Gintis H., van der Hoog S., Jaeger C.C., Kovalevsky D.V., Mandel A., Paroussos L. Describing economic agent-based models – Dahlem ABM documentation guidelines // Complexity Economics. – 2013. – Vol. 2. – P. 63–74

Kovalevsky D.V. Deterministic and stochastic growth in the Structural Dynamic Economic Model SDEM-2 // Paper presented at the International Conference DEGIT-XVI (Dynamics, Economic Growth, and International Trade), 8-9 September 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia. URL: (.pdf)

Jaeger С., Meleshko V., Bobylev L., Kovalevsky D. Long-term options for Russian climate policy. An integrated assessment // European Climate Forum. Working Paper 2/2009.ISBN:978-3-941663-01-5. URL: (.pdf)


Alekseev G.V., Johannessen O.M., Kovalevskii D.V. Development of convective motions under the effect of local perturbations of sea-surface density // Izvestiya. Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics. – 2001. – Vol. 37. – No. 3. – P. 341-350
(Russian version: Алексеев Г.В., Йоханнессен О.М., Ковалевский Д.В. О развитии конвективных движений под воздействием локальных возмущений плотности на поверхности моря // Известия АН, Физ. атмосферы и океана. – 2001. – Т. 37. – № 3. – С. 368-377)

Alekseev G.V., Johannessen O.M., Korablev A.A., Ivanov V.V., Kovalevsky D.V. Interannual variability in water masses in the Greenland Sea and adjacent areas // Polar Research. – 2001. – Vol. 20. – No. 2. – P. 201-208

Kovalevsky D.V., Alendal G. Instability and oscillations in the one-dimensional nonlinear model of deep ocean convection // Physics of Vibrations. – 2000. – Vol. 8. – No. 3. – P. 153-157

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